Who We Are

The flower industry was a rare paradigm to grow up in, but my Greek family (louloudi means flower) was synonymous with the field for decades in LA. Surrounded by such daily beauty, it isn't surprising that I became inherently drawn to the texture, color, fragrance, and lines that flowers epitomize.

One of the primary influences for my creativity is nature, and I'm struck by how profound a single moment can be when bestowed with the right silhouette: the distinct outline of a tree; the movement of flowing water; sunlight and clouds traversing in the sky. For me, nature's inspiration arises everyday, everywhere, and channels into the opus of creativity.

Approaching wedding fashion from this organic foundation represents a melding of distinct mediums. The key lies in bridging both the fashion and natural beauty aesthetics to create something individualized and fresh. In order to maintain such client-specific focus, Louloudi is not location-based, but rather centers around each individual event.

At its essence, Louloudi exists to infuse your exclusive ethos into the great canvas of your celebration. Louloudi is the artist, and you are the muse.